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Dr. H.S. Mangat
Formerly Professor, Department of Geography, Punjabi University, Patiala
Email: editor@apgorg.org; punjabgeographer@gmail.com; Phone: 08427947650

Mananging Editor:
Jaswant Singh (Formerly Chief Town Planner, Haryana)
Secretary General
Kanwar Surjit Singh Institute for Spatial Planning and Environment Research, Panchkula
Email: isperonline@gmail.com; Phone: 09888550609

Associate Editor:
Dr. Omvir Singh
Professor, Department of Geography
Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra
Email: ovshome@gmail.com; Phone: 09467054590

Address for Correspondence

All correspondence concerning the Journal should be addressed to:
Dr. H.S.Mangat,
3037 Urban Estate, Phase-II, Patiala-147002 Punjab
Tel: +91 84279 47650
E-mail: editor@apgorg.org; punjabgeographer@gmail.com